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Connecticut DUI/ DWI /OUI & Drunk Driving Defense

Criminal Defense Operating Under the Influence


Drunk Driving & Operating Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol in CT


Being charged with DUI/ OUI/ DWI operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol etc... can be a disorienting, confusing and frightening experience regardless of whether it is your first offense or not.

Watch our free webinar on what to do if you receive a DUI, then call us for a free consultation.

Operating under the influence of marijuana has become a greater focus for law enforcement now that marijuana has become legal for recreational use.

This includes operating under the influence of prescribed drugs.

Knowing your rights is imperative if charged with operating under the influence. You could be facing jail time, penalties, loss of a drivers license or job.

Hiring the right compassionate and experienced lawyer is crucial to help you navigate the process. Attorney Wagman will fight for your rights in court at every step.


Handling everything from DUI cases, domestic arrest, pardons, probation modifications or violations, drug offenses, white-collar crime to homicide and moreAttorney Wagman’s knowledge of law and the intricacies of the criminal justice system are paramount to winning a favorable outcome quickly and effectively.

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