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Connecticut Criminal
Offense Lawyer- Domestic Crimes


Domestic Defense

Domestic Arrest Defense Attorney


Domestic arrests has has been becoming more and more of a focus of law enforcement in Connecticut over the past few decades. Because of that, cases have become more and more complicated, and can pull in multiple state agencies, including Department of Children and Families if children are involved.

These situations can be very disruptive to a family. You will want to handle these issues efficiently and effectively. Using the right attorney will help you return back to normal as quickly as possible. Contact Attorney Wagman today for a free consultation.

Whether it is your first criminal offense or not, you need experienced and compassionate counsel from one of the best law firms in New London, an attorney who shows up for court when you do, to fight for your rights each step of the way.


Handling everything from DUI cases to white-collar crime to homicide, Attorney Wagman’s knowledge of law and the intricacies of the criminal justice system are paramount to winning your case.

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